Graphe is the literary and cultural product of the folks at Oikos. Please feel free to read, download, and share with others.






  1. What is your statement of faith?

    My son Paul and His daughter Arabella started attend your church.
    My wife and I are members of the Princeton Ev. Free Church in Princeton, MN

  2. I agree…it takes the right kind of person/people to not only come up with the ideas, but also make it work. if you know of someone who could pick this up and do something with it, I’m interested.

  3. I got in contact with Corey to see if I could sit down with him and learn as much as I could from the Graphe project. He’s real busy with his new job, but said he could sit down over coffee sometime — but he’s in Seattle now, so I’m not sure if/when I can swing it.

    I’m working on a similar project (mid-way into the first issue) in terms of an artistic magazine with solid Biblical content, but it’s dissimilar in that it’s geared toward youth (cyber/goth design) instead of Bellingham. You can find more info at

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