God’s Purpose in Prayer

God is doing something big inside praying people. He is not primarily interested in our coming one by one as single, solitary individuals, asking for certain things, receiving them, and then going off by ourselves and remaining unchanged during the whole process. God will not have that, because He is far more interested in us than in what we ask – although that does certainly interest Him.

Instead God is working to change us through our asking, through all that He allows to come into our lives, through the Scriptures, through the Holy Spirit, through the providences, the hard things, the hurtful things, and the happy things. He is active in all these things to shape us into the likeness of Jesus, so that we will be at the place where the Holy Spirit is able to intercede, work, and plead inside us, reflecting the tones of the voice of Jesus.

Ultimately, it its not so much what we ask, but who we are when we pray that counts the most.

– Douglas Kelly, pp. 82-83.

What do you think?

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