The Difference between Choosing and Being Chosen

…our view of ourselves, as disciples who have been personally chosen by Jesus, should alter our whole attitude towards him and motivate us strongly for the work which he has given us to do. If an athlete is chosen to represent his country for the Olympics, his attitude to this event will be different from someone who has decided on his own to go as a spectator to the Olympics. With the competitor, there will be a total dedication to the task, largely because of the honor of being chosen. He will have a sense of responsibility to  his team and country which even the most enthusiastic tourist will clearly not have. The Christian church today suffers because so many of its members feel that they have “made a decision for Christ,” or that they have chosen to join a certain church. Such man-centered notions spell spiritual weakness and imbalance. It is only when we see ourselves as chosen, called, and commissioned by Christ that we will want to present our bodies to him “as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God.”

– David Watson, Called and Committed: World-Changing Discipleship, p. 7.


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