Sanctification and Our Priorities

If sanctification is not my priority then it should not surprise me if I find my Christian life to be dogged with frustration. For in this case I am seeking, consciously or not, to withstand the eternal purposes of God. I am missing out on the central privileges of the Christian life, namely glorifying and enjoying him.

So we need to settle the issue of our priorities. If God has committed himself to changing our lives, to sanctifying us, then wisdom – not to mention amazed gratitude – dictates that we should be committed to that too. Otherwise God’s will and my will are in competition with each other. but if by God’s grace I commit myself to his purposes, Peter’s teaching provides me with all the encouragement I need: the whole Trinity co-operates in bringing me to the goal. The Father, the Son and the Spirit co-operate with one another, but they also co-operate with me in order to make me more like Christ.

– Sinclair Ferguson, Devoted to God, pp. 16-17.


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