Divine Election the Basis of Our Worship

When the godly perceive that the beginning, middle, end [of their salvation], yes, everything proceeds only from God according to His eternal election…it will then stir up the soul to return everything to God and in all things to honor and glorify Him, most heartily thanking Him.

– Wilhelmus à Brakel, quoted in Boekestein & Hyde, A Well-Ordered Church, p. 93.


The sense and certainty of this election afford to the children of God additional matter for daily humiliation before Him, for adoring the depth of His mercies, for cleansing themselves, and rendering grateful returns of ardent love to Him who first manifested so great love towards them. The consideration of this doctrine of election is so far from encouraging remissness in the observance of the divine commands or from sinking men in carnal security, that these, in the just judgement of God, are the usual effects of rash presumption or of idle and wanton trifling with the grace of election, in those who refuse to walk in the ways of the elect.

– Canons of Dort 1.13


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