Grace and Lollipops

Grace isn’t like the lollipop the doctor gives my son to distract him from the flu shot. Grace doesn’t make obedience negotiable. Grace is what picks me up out of the miry pit (Psalm 40) when the law, my tutor, condemns my natural sense of self-righteousness. When the law reveals my sin, God’s grace compels me, fuels me, inspires me to repent, knowing that it is against God as well as others that I have sinned (Psalm 51).

You can’t bypass repentance to get to grace. Christ is manifest in our humility, not in our disobedience. Our disobedience cost Jesus everything. Payment for sin always means blood – Christ’s blood. And grace does not erase my need for the law.

– Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, Openness Unhindered, p. 61.


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