Twelve Helps for a Hardened Heart

Mike Leake has given us an updated version (see the entire post) of Richard Baxter’s valuable response to a deadly condition:

  1. Remember the majesty of the One you are hardening yourself against. You dare not respond to a king with such indifference—how much more the Living God?
  2. Consider the seriousness and nature of eternity.
  3. Ponder your deathbed and the judgment of Christ. “No man will stand before the Lord in the day of judgment, with a sleepy or a senseless heart.”
  4. Think often of the love of God in Christ.
  5. Look upon the end of your hardened heart; namely, the death of the soul.
  6. Take notice of the sad effects in the world which comes from a hard heart.
  7. Sit under passionate preaching and get around passionate Christians.
  8. Let tender-hearted Christians instruct you, and not be a witness against you.
  9. Avoid company which tends to harden your heart.
  10. Take heed of willfully sinning against knowledge.
  11. Be cautious of a dull familiarity with the powerful means of grace.
  12. Go to a graveyard or to a deathbed.

What do you think?

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