Conference Audio – D. A. Carson

Found this lecture by Carson – “The Church in a Culture of Rapid Transition” – to be very insightful. It was part of the 2015 Thornwell Lectures at First Presbyterian (Columbia, SC). Here are the different variables in today’s culture (there were 15 altogether, but I only heard 12):

  1. Rising Biblical illiteracy both inside and outside the church
  2. Changes brought about by the digital revolution
  3. Globalization
  4. Recurrent racism
  5. Secularization
  6. The age of victimization
  7. The changing face of tolerance and intolerance
  8. Increasing pressure on free speech
  9. Less and less shared cultural heritage and therefore more and more controlling laws
  10. The rise of militant Islam
  11. There are weakening confessional commitments in much of evangelicalism
  12. There is today less nominalism (in Christianity)

Concluding thoughts

  1. God is sovereign, but God stands behind good and evil asymmetrically.
  2. The first Christian allegiance is to God and the gospel, to the Lord Jesus Christ; not to our race, not to our location in the country, not to our citizenship.
  3. Christians should not expect to be persecution-free.
  4. Re-read Acts 17:16-34 and see what it says about preaching the gospel to Biblical illiterates.

What do you think?

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