How the Christian Should Face Death

It has been said that in the nineteenth century it was fine to talk about death and not sex, but in the twentieth century it is fine to talk about sex but not death. Some of the most ‘liberated’ people become quite offended if their own mortality is mentioned, and any discussion of physical death is held to be ‘in poor taste’. Yet there is nothing more liberating, uplifting or empowering than to face our own mortality. Let us look it in the eye in the light of what the Lord Jesus has done and what our position is as believers. Nothing will strengthen us more to die to self when that is called for, or to put the Lord first, as is always called for. As we confront death personally, emotionally and theologically, there is a tremendous liberating power when we see our roots in the future, seated with Christ in the heavenly places.

– Douglas Kelly, New Life in the Wasteland, p. 93.

What do you think?

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