On Contemplating God and Things Infinite

No one can see God and live. Not even in eternal glory will we be able to fully understand God and his infinite perfections. Only what is infinite can understand what is infinite. These things are the objects of faith and worship. Infinite things are for faith and worship. Faith and worship will bring rest and satisfaction, when reason will only drown us. Infinite glory can only be approached by faith. When the soul bows down in worship before God’s infinite greatness and glory, finding itself to be nothing and God to be all, then it will find rest and peace in infinity (Romans 11:33-36). We find it difficult enough to think of the greatness of the world and all the nations and the inhabitants of the world. Yet the world and all that is in the world are ‘but as the small dust of the balance and the drop of a bucket, as vanity, as nothing’ compared with God. So what can be the result of our thoughts of God except holy wonder and adoring worship?

– John Owen, Spiritual-mindedness, pp. 105-106.


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