The Christian Life Is Not for the Risk Averse

Avoid a self-protective mindset and take pains to do good for others. We are to do good even if it requires a sacrifice on our part. Radical generosity, not self-protection, is the Christian ethic (Matt. 5:42; see also the parallel in Luke 6:32-36). We should be willing to make things harder on ourselves to make them easier on others.

In doing so, we are imitating God (Matt. 5:43-48). Our default mindset should not be “How do I protect myself and keep from being taken advantage of?” but rather “How do I demonstrate in my own life God’s radical, abounding love for me?”

This means that the Christian life involves risk. The fact that something is risky is not an indication that God isn’t in it. Sometimes that is the very indication that he is in it. Don’t excuse yourself form doing good because it is risky or hard. We are to go to extremes to help others because Jesus went to extremes to help us.

– Matt Perman, What’s Best Next, p. 92 (emphasis added).


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