Twelve Productivity Myths

Just started reading Matt Perman’s new book What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done. In order to whet the appetite, I thought I’d post these twelve myths listed at the beginning of the book. If you need further coaxing, you should check out this interview from a recent Christ the Center podcast. And now, here are the myths:

  1. Productivity is about getting more done faster.
  2. The way to be productive is to have the right techniques and tools.
  3. It is not essential to give consideration to what God has to say about productivity.
  4. It is not essential to make the gospel central in our view of productivity.
  5. The way to be productive is to tightly manage yourself (and others!).
  6. The aim of time management should be our peace of mind.
  7. The way to succeed is to put yourself first.
  8. We will have peace of mind if we can get everything under control.
  9. To-do lists are enough.
  10. Productivity is best defined by tangible outcomes.
  11. The time we spend working is a good measure of our productivity.
  12. Having to work really hard or even suffer in our work means our priorities are screwed up or we are doing something wrong.

Intrigued? I hope you’ll read this book.


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