“Are You Needed in Your Church?”

Came across this post (HT:TC) while preparing for this Sunday’s sermon out of 1 Corinthians 12. The whole thing is well worth the read (here), but the author really nails it in this section:

A love for the church means a heart that desires to give. There are weeks I’m tempted to go to church and sit back and be served. Now, sometimes being served is what we need to do. If you’re one who is always giving, but in pride refusing to receive, that’s not okay. Allow others the chance to serve you. But if we refuse to serve in the nursery because Sunday is our one chance to get away from kids, we’re thinking of church wrongly. The Bible speaks strongly about the church being our family, even more than our flesh and blood families. (UPDATE: For a great series on this, see this post and those following). So Sunday is not a chance to take a break from family–it’s a chance to serve our true family.


What do you think?

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