The Unique Temptations of the Pastor

It is a sacred office, and that very thing draws after it certain dangers that should be candidly admitted. Very often the peril of the pastor is to be unfaithful in delivering the whole counsel of God for fear of awakening the enmity of his hearers. Envy of otehrs who are supposed to have a superior place or success is a strong temptation in the way of many. Some are liable to be led away by spiritual pride, and then to become impatient of opposition, and even to show a domineering spirit that is most offensive. Even the great confidence reposed in the minister, and the love with which he is cherished, give promise of an impunity in yielding that makes certain temptations far more formidable. Slothfulness is one of the besetting sins of this office, and that because of the habits of seclusion and the possibility of postponing duties, and because there is very often no other pressing impulse than the voice of conscience. These are some of the peculiar dangers to which the minister is exposed, and they should be very carefully studied, especially in light of their enormity when yielded to by him who is an ambassador of Jesus Christ.

– T. Murphy, Pastoral Theology, pp. 84-85.


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