The Characteristics of Spiritual Immaturity #4 – Entertain Me!

Then the next general characteristic of a child is a love of that which is entertaining and spectacular and exciting. I do not think you will dispute this; the child always likes these things. You present a lesson to a child in a very different way from that in which you would present or express it to an adult. Well, transfer all that to the spiritual realm and you will find it equally true. A babe in Christ is always interested in experiences, and if he hears of anybody who is going to stand up to give an account of his experience he will rush to hear it. In the same way, of course, meetings and thrills! The child likes entertainment, he likes large numbers of meetings, the more meetings the better, the more thrills and excitement the better. All that is characteristic of the child mind and the child state. You remember the exhortation in the New Testament – ‘Study to be quite’. We read, too, about people with ‘itching ears’, always wanting to be hearing something, people who do not like meditation. They do not like contemplation, they are not very fond of reading and study. The exciting, the spectacular, the entertaining, above all appeal to them.

– Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Expository Sermons on 2 Peter, pp. 248-249.

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