Pastors, Are Your People “Thrustable Out”?

It is, doubtless, a fine thing to be evangelistic: who is not, who deals faithfully with the Word? But it is one thing to gain converts, another to produce evangelists, missionaries, ministers – not to speak of powerful witnesses for Christ in innumerable lay fields. The church’s task is not only to gain converts, but so to build them up that they are ‘thrustable out’…Not everyone will have to go. But all who respond to the Word will offer themselves to God.

Alternatively, others will shrink back and fall into some kind of plausible sidetrack; retire gracefully – some of them perhaps not very gracefully – from the prayer meeting, and become dead wood, or even thorns in the flesh of the pastor.

– William Still, The Work of the Pastor, pp. 84-85.


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