Oikos Is Moving!

After nearly six years, Oikos is going to be moving to a new location in downtown Bellingham – 206 Prospect St. (currently the home of Grace Church). We are hoping to hold our first service in the new building on August 28th. The new building has a much bigger space for worship services, meaning that we will be able to go back to a single service on Sundays. We are still in the process of determining what the new service time will be, so keep checking the website or this blog for the new time.

If nothing else, please pray for us as we make this move. There is a lot of potential with this new space for new opportunities to proclaim the gospel and minister in Bellingham as well as Whatcom County.


  1. Will we be allowing Young life to use our building for club meetings? I only say this because when Grace Church was using that building, they allowed Young life to hold their club every Monday. I am sure that they would appreciate it if they were allowed to continue to use that facility for their meetings. Thank you.

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