Love Springs from Faith

Justification realised is the great vantage ground in striving after personal holiness; a happy consciousness of our acceptance in the Beloved is the great incentive to true obedience. Grasping pardon you grasp holiness. He who receives Jesus receives his Spirit. Love springs from faith; and he who realises his standing in grace, walks most steadily in fellowship, works most cheerfully in obedience, and lives most freely in the liberties of holy joy.

– John Macpherson, cited in The Old Evangelicalism, p. 168.



  1. Surely, love and liberty are opposites. One doesn’t spring so readily from the other. Possibly, they could be dialectically related – so long as the opposition is first uncompromisingly asserted.

  2. When I love I commit, and that inhibits my freedom. I am no longer at liberty to do what I please. So here faith(fulness) springs readily from love, but it does not bring liberty. You could say I freely choose the servitude that love and faithfulness imply but chosen servitude is servitude all the same, in fact its double servitude!

    1. Okay, I think I see where you’re coming from here…thank you for taking the time to expand.

      I agree with you that to love necessarily entails the sacrifice of certain liberties, so in that case it would seem that love and liberty seem to be opposed. The problem with that conclusion is that it does not allow for the fact that even as love sacrifices certain liberties, it also opens the door to new liberties. I gave up a lot when I married my wife and I did so out of love, but I gained certain freedoms that I never had when I was single, such as a wife that will never fail to love me in return no matter what happens. Because of that fact, I can truly say that I am free in a way that I wasn’t when I was single.

      But the point of the quote of this post is even greater, because the freedom that is referred to there is the freedom that comes with being forgiven by God, not just for the wrong things that I’ve done, but also for my chronic inability to live up to the standard of love that God requires. Love springs from faith means that as I comprehend that God in Christ has so forgiven me, I am now free to love without fear of being rejected or condemned by God. Yes, it means that I am no longer free to do whatever I want, but that way leads to death…which means that whichever way you choose to go, you are never truly free (for who has ever been able to say no to death?). Instead we are presented with a choice of two masters: self-rule, which leads to death; or God, which leads to life.

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