Ten Black Horses

I came across this quote of Spurgeon’s in Murray’s The Old Evangelicalism (great book, by the way) and have been fascinated by the way he describes the Law as it began to work in his heart leading to his conversion:

My heart was fallow, and covered with weeds; but on a certain day, the Great Husbandman came, and began to plough my soul. Ten black horses were His team, and it was a sharp ploughshare that He used, and the ploughers made deep furrows. The ten commandments were these black horses, and the justice of God, like a ploughshare, tore my spirit. I was condemned, undone, destroyed – lost, helpless, hopeless – I thought hell was before me…I prayed but found no answer of peace. It was long with me thus (pp. 47-48).


What do you think?

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