SermonFAIL – Easter edition

Given all the sermons that have been preached on that day and given as well what I know about the frailty of the preacher’s mind at unexpected moments, I’m wondering if anyone has heard (or given!) a sermon on Easter that completely missed the significance of the day. Now I know that that there are a number of you out there who would argue that all sermons eventually will find their way back to Easter at some point, no matter how far off they start…while that’s true, it is certainly within the power of any given preacher to make that trip an epic journey.

I don’t have a solid example myself unfortunately, though I have heard of one sermon that continued the series on the biblical view of sex rather than pause for the empty tomb.

Looking forward to your submissions.


One comment

  1. Last year, I was unable to preach on Easter, we were locked out of our building. I had a parking lot full of people on a cold Easter Morning, the locks had been changed. End up at our home (which was unprepared for guests) and preached the Easter Sermon the following Sunday.

    I will never forget that Easter Morning as long as I live. There were some good things that came out of it. Glad it happened, God was good.

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