R. C. Sproul – Ten Questions for Prospective Pastors

10. What do you believe your fundamental calling is as a minister of the gospel?
9. What do you believe is the function of Lord’s Day worship? How would you see that function best served?
8. Who are your heroes, and why are they your heroes?
7. What is the greatest danger to the peace of the local church? What is the greatest danger to the purity of the local church?
6. What are the last five books you read? What is the most helpful book you read in the past year?
5. What was the most positive aspect of your training for gospel ministry? What was the most negative aspect?
4. What is the good news of Jesus Christ?
3. What have you done for the unbelievers in your community? What have you done for the unborn?
2. How would your friends honestly describe the disposition of your wife and children?
1. What are your greatest weaknesses as a pastor?

If you want to see how Sproul himself answered this go here.



  1. Because of what I know about some of R.C. Sproul Jr’s history of church planting I’d like to propose another question. It’s something that pastors and church planters often miss when they start up a church, as R.C. did, and if ignored can be very harmful.

    Question 11, Church Growth: “What’s your philosophy on church growth and what should be the methods used, and not used, for growing a healthy church?”

    In 1996 RC Sproul Jr moved from Orlando Florida to Bristol VA and formed a new church. He called on Ligonier Ministries supporters in the area, mainly using the Table Talk mailing list, to form his new church. All of them were existing church members, but that didn’t matter to R.C. Several PCA churches in the area were especially targeted. They were enticed to drop their church memberships and join R.C.’s startup church. In one case a Ruling Elder renounced his PCA church membership to join R.C.’s church, all with R.C.’s blessing. Most viewed R.C.’s actions as poaching, which it was. It seriously disrupted the peace of several churches for years to come. He definitely didn’t score any points with pastors in the local community, nor has he ever apologized to anyone for all the harm he caused.

  2. Amen, it would be a sad story, were it true. It is, however, patently false. From day one to this day no one was permitted to leave any Reformed church and join Saint Peter without the blessing of one’s elders. No poaching ever took place at Saint Peter.

    1. RC, thanks for coming on here. I don’t know you, but I have no reason to doubt your word on this. I hope that if anyone has questions or doubts about what you did or didn’t do, that they’d be motivated by the love and mercy of Christ to seek you out in order to fairly judge for themselves.

      blessings to you and your ministry,

  3. Thanks much Pete. God bless you and your labors, and I pray all is well in Bellingham. It’s a beautiful place.

    1. without a doubt…we are very blessed. I’m actually in Zambia right now for a few weeks working alongside some friends who are missionaries in Lusaka. it would not be hard for me to give up the beauty of the PNW to live among such a beautiful people.

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