Online Resources – Conference Messages by Joel Beeke & Derek Thomas

I’ve recently come across some conference messages by Joel Beeke and Derek Thomas given a couple years ago and have been very much stirred up by what I’ve heard so far, esp. Beeke’s on assurance. If you struggle with the question of whether or not you truly are His, please have a listen. Here’s the list:

  1. Leadership Forum: Family Worship (Beeke)
  2. Rejoicing in Hope (Thomas)
  3. The Importance and Lack of Assurance (Beeke)
  4. Perseverance and Assurance (Beeke)
  5. The Foundations of Assurance (Beeke)
  6. The Testimony of the Spirit of Adoption (Thomas)
  7. Walking in Darkness (Thomas)

What do you think?

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