Post-Sermon Feedback

Okay, I have a couple questions to throw out there and get some response. First, do you ever give the preacher feedback on the sermon? If yes, what kind of feedback have you given (give us an example or two)?

Now for you pastors…what kind of feedback do you tend to receive? What kind of feedback would you find most helpful and encouraging?



  1. I specifically ask for clarification on theological issues, I point out the times where the Holy Spirit was convicting me and also how the Spirit is using the Spirit through him.

    I have also had a time where I sat down with the pastor and elders and challenged them when I felt the preaching wasn’t Christ centered.

    But, normally…I tell the pastor when I was encouraged by the sermon because of the glory of God being made known.

  2. I get generally positive feedback – it makes me hope I am not just “tickling their ears!” Sometimes I get the kind of feedback where people just point out my grammar errors, but the feedback I appreciate the most is when someone lets me know how a particular point made them think or challenged them or think about the issue in a different way than they have before.

    I wonder how many folks actually do give thoughtful, constructive feedback on how they might have been able to hear the gospel better in the sermon, or how the flow of the sermon could have been better. You know, for the growth of the pastor.

  3. At our weekly staff meeting (most are volunteer leaders who we treat as staff because they do a ton) we almost always go though the service and evaluate it, especially the preaching. They tell me what was good and bad. What they liked and didn’t like about the delivery or when I should have slowed down and explained a part better. Did a story or prop or other creative element work to enhance the message or did it detract from the sermon? They tell me what my strengths are and where I need to improve which tends to help a lot while writing a sermon.

What do you think?

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