Update on Matt Chandler

Good news so far regarding Matt’s surgery. Everything went smoothly and Matt is now resting at the hospital for the next few days. Next Friday is the new big day – when the biopsy results for the tumor should be known. Please continue to remember Matt, his family and our brothers and sisters at the Village Church in your prayers.

If you want more detailed and up-to-date information, I recommend you check out the following facebook page (click here).

UPDATE (12/16) – According to the elders at the Village, the biopsy results were revealed yesterday and they show that the tumor was both malignant and unencapsulated. Because of the latter, they were not able to get all of the tumor. The good news out of all this is that Matt is scheduled to finally go home today.

Please continue to pray for Matt and his family as they come to terms with these developments. Specifically, the elders ask that we pray for:

  • Wisdom for all the coming decisions
  • Strength and peace to endure
  • The kids’ (Audrey, Reid and Norah) hearts; pray the Lord is merciful as they process and that their little hearts do not grow embittered
  • The Chandlers and The Village would suffer well because of the gospel and for the sake of Christ’s name

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