Podcast Recommendations

Here are some podcasts that I’ve really benefited from in terms of content as well as consistency;

  • The White Horse Inn – updated weekly; hosted by Mike Horton, Kim Riddlebarger, Ken Jones and Rod Rosenbladt; discussion centered on gospel and culture, with an occasional interview; every now and then a good book recommendation
  • Christ the Center – updated weekly; similar to WHI in a lot of ways – discussion and interviews; almost always a string of book recommendations at the beginning
  • Ordinary Means – updated monthly; two PCA pastors talking about all things pertaining to the preaching of the Word and use of sacraments; great discussion on a variety of interesting topics
  • The Albert Mohler Show – updated Mon-Fri; national phone-in show; a great show for interacting biblically with current issues and events
  • NPR: Intelligence Squared – updated periodically; “Oxford-style” debate of current events
  • Office hours – updated periodically; Scott Clark interviews faculty from Westminster Seminary in California about a variety of topics theological and cultural
  • Village Church – updated weekly; love how Chandler preaches the gospel to his people

What do you think?

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