Satan’s Devices

No, I’m not talking about the Zune or bluetooth earpieces. I’ve been enjoying Thomas Brooks‘ book Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices and have found plenty in there to chew over as well as share with you. Here’s one of the devices Satan uses “to draw the soul to sin”:

Device 5: To present God to the soul as one made up all of mercy. Oh! saith Satan, you need not make such a mater of sin, you need not be so fearful of sin, not so unwilling to sin; for God is a God of mercy, a God full of mercy, a God that delights in mercy, a God that is ready to show mercy, a God that is never weary of showing mercy, a God more prone to pardon his people than to punish his people; and therefore he will not take advantage against the soul; and why then, saith Satan, should you make such a matter of sin? (p. 50)

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