God’s Will and Your Life

In a few weeks, I’m planning to do a series on the above topic of discerning and following God’s will and I’m looking for your help, which you can provide by answering the following questions:

  1. Do you know what God’s will is for your life?
  2. How do you know? What do you do to determine God’s will in a given situation?
  3. What questions do you have regarding this topic?

That’s it. Just leave your answer in the comment section.

On this topic, I highly recommend the following books:



  1. James 1:5 tells us that those who ask for wisdom WILL get it. I believe that finding God’s will for your life is a process of seeking Godliness and wisdom, it is “loving God and doing what you want.” I don’t think that if you have a job opening at taco bell and one at fred meyer, that God has a specific one that you need to accept and if you don’t then you are suddenly outside of His will. Proverbs obviously talks a lot about not making foolish decisions. The whole Bible talks about not making sinful decisions. Stay away from foolish and sinful decisions, and you will find yourself in God’s will.

    God won’t always close a door. We shouldn’t look for ‘signs’ pointing us to what God wants. Having a “peace about it” is not how you know what God’s will is. We can have a peace about many sinful and foolish things, only to regret them terribly at a later date. I’m not saying God won’t do those things, that He won’t give us a specific sign or close a door, or give us peace about a difficult choice. But those are not the things we should look for and count on. As we grow closer to God in wisdom and understand more of His heart, we will begin to see the right decision.

    We serve a relational God. It makes sense that He would want us to be in conversation about our life and choices we have to make, and to be asking Him for wisdom; to be walking step by step with Him…. and since He loves us so much, and has given us free will, it makes sense that we would then have say and choice in our life; so if two decisions are both godly and wise… why fret about which GOOD decision is in God’s will? I believe God is just letting you choose which one you would rather do…. Obviously just a small example, and I don’t think finding God’s will can be set into any sort of formula. Can’t put God in a box.

  2. My beliefs on this matter have come to me through the years from a variety of sources. I believe that we come to our paths in life through what consciously feels like free will. I believe God’s will guides us, but time and again we choose to act, or not act, sometimes for better, sometimes not. God’s will isn’t the same for each of us, certainly–we’re all too different.

    I personally don’t believe that God makes himself plain to us in our conscious minds, or in our sensory perceptions of what’s around us.

    We reach some certainty that we’re doing the right thing based on what feels right to us, what gives us confidence, what we do that helps others, what we do that prevents or mitigates harms (of any kind). We have to know ourselves, know others, and know the world around us to know we’re doing the right thing(s). That’s what gives us the werewithal to continue.

    So…what about people who act in what seems to them to be full confidence, but who do harmful or selfish things? That’s probably above my pay grade, and maybe outside the scope of this, but they’ve missed some key teaching somewhere along the way, whatever their faith (or lack of it). I don’t necessarily believe it’s Satan’s will. I honestly wrestle with this, but have a hard time accepting a “deified”/singular master of evil. I think evil just is. People are basically good, and good tends to beat evil most of the time, though there are always attention-grabbing conflicts raging between the two.

  3. In my laughably limited understanding, God’s will for my life is that I live a life worthy of His calling. That encompasses “what is good and what does the LORD require of you? act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8), “I have come so that you may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10) “now this is eternal life: that [people] may know You, the One True God, and Jesus Christ, Whom [God] has sent.” (John 17:3). In an inconceivably general and infinite speficic ways, this calling is for me to trust God for more, to seek to better understand His character and respond in insatiable adoration and zealously suffering war service.
    In the area of my “life calling” career-wise, I believe that God’s will is that I pursue the above goals in the design of an overseas missionary to Latin America. I “got” this as I was spending time with the Lord, reading His Word and chatting w/ Him in prayer, one morning in Mexico on a mission trip. He grabbed my heart in a unique way and clearly communicated that this is what I was designed for, and in that moment I truly sensed that I could spend my life serving and loving poor folks in an obscure village, and die unfamously, and have no regrets! Since then, I’ve both gained a clearer perspective in hindsight looking at how I’ve been designed since birth (affinity for Spanish, heart of servanthood), AND learned that God hardly ever calls me to things that are easy or comfortable. I likely won’t live out that vision of the cute little village ministry, because I sense that God has a greater work in store for me that will require me to trust Him every step of the way (not one I can yet envision OR one for which I am equipped!) and for which I will suffer most every step of the way. These conclusions are drawn from my life experience of walking by faith, my personal communion with the Lord, knowing the Word and testimonies of past bondslaves of Christ, and the affirmations/observations of the children of God around me. It seems that God uses all of these venues (and of course more) to show His will to us, to communicate His designs and purposes, and speak challenge/encouragement.
    To determine God’s will in a given situation…well, PRAY & LISTEN, obviously. Consider what the Word might say regarding the matter. Maybe draw up a pros/cons list. Consider what others around you (believers, unbelievers, elders) say or what they might think of either option. I do believe that God can choose to give us a spirit of peace about knowing His will, but I also think He can choose not to give that to us! It’s a confusing thing and I’ve only got 20 years of experience of struggling with decisions to draw from, so I’m eagerly awaiting the series 😉
    Questions…well lately I’ve been wondering specifically what it looks like to abide and be still (in knowing that He is God). I know that He will probably rest my soul if I wholeheartedly surrender in that, but I struggle so often to know how active/passive that stillness, waiting & trusting ought to be. Do I busy myself with research, gathering information, bouncing it off others I respect? Do I keep it all to myself and just try to keep my mind clear for communication from the Lord? I don’t know if there are good answers for this stuff on this side of heaven, but I’m listening 🙂 Thanks pete!

  4. I haven’t read the other responses yet because I don’t want them to change what I will say.

    Do you know what God’s will is for your life?
    In some ways, yes. In other ways, no. I know that the ultimate end of mankind is to magnify God and to enjoy Him forever. I believe that He will work out my life in a manner that I live to that end.

    I’ve been pondering the will of God lately, especially as far as whether God desires for all to be saved, because the Bible says He does desire it and yet not all will be saved. Assuming, then, that God is sovereign, we must conclude that there is more than one way of willing in God. I know (or can discern) one of those wills of God, and I will explain how in response to the next question. The other will of God, God’s sovereign decree / hidden will, I don’t know. So I know some of what God wills for me, and it is all that I need to know. The rest is God’s secret, to be revealed in its proper time.

    I know that God wants me to serve Him with my life. I don’t know how exactly (in what career path exactly / where I should go as a missionary if that’s the one). I know God wants me to daily feed on His Word, the bread and water of life. I know that God wants me to rest in faith in His grace. I don’t know how much longer I’ll live to serve God on this earth. I don’t know if He’ll have me marry the girl that I’m dating. I can know how He wants me to treat her in the context of a faithful dating relationship.

    How do you know? What do you do to determine God’s will in a given situation?

    I read the Bible. Well, maybe I don’t always read the Bible when I’m trying to figure out God’s will. But I should. All that I need to know in order to live a life according to the will of God is in the Scriptures revealed by the Holy Spirit. If I have two choices that are both equally God-honoring (as determined by looking at the Scriptures), I choose according to which aligns better with my conscience, or if both do equally, which would give me the most joy.

    What questions do you have regarding this topic?

    I want to know how important prayer is. Because I don’t do it that often anymore. It’s silly, but maybe I think, “What will happen will happen.” Because everything that happens happens according to God’s secret will. But God commands that we pray. How does this tie in with discerning the will of God? What does prayer do to align our wills with the will of God? Why should we pray if it’s not going to change anything?

    I know I shouldn’t question the authority of God — if He says pray, then pray! I should be delighting in talking with Him and in living in relationship with Him, of course! But I’d love to hear about prayer in relationship to the will of God.

  5. Do you know what God’s will is for your life?
    Ok, with regards to the First Question, i have an idea as to his will for my life, but there are alot of little things that need worked out… like right now, my Fiancee broke up with me about a month ago, for some reason i still feel drawn to her, like God is teling me that she is the one for me and stuff, but for some reason she doesnt feel that way 😦 like its weird, she still loves me and doesnt want to fall out of love or get over me, yet at the same time she is saying that we need to stop talking except for like once or twice a week, its kinda confusing and painful 😦 especially with everything else going on in our lives 😦 as far as long term goals go i want to be an airline pilot, fly for southwest and have a big family of 7 kids 🙂 i love Kids and im a family man 🙂 again, i have a few long range goals in mind, and for some reason, every time i ask God what is involved in my future, i see those 2 things, My ex, and Flying, and a path to both, but thats neither here nor there, i keep feeling that God is telling me that she is the one for me, but for some reason she dont feel that way :(. adnyway if this isnt a rambling post im sorry, not trying to get noonoe 2 feel sorry for me.

    How do you know? What do you do to determine God’s will in a given situation?
    as far as me knowing all of the above, its all of the Signs and Nudges that God is giving me, i keep feeling Him nudge me toward her, i dont know how or why, just that its happening and i simply cant ignore that feeling, not can i shake the desire to fly, i have wanted to fly ever since i was little and am working towards that right now, what i use to determine Gods will for me are several things, Firstly, is is something he would say? like is it good and upright and will it bring about something wholesome? is it loving and caring (note i didnt say that it wouldnt be painful) i also Pray about it, asking him what he wants me to do? if i see 2 choices, and they both look good, and after Prayer and meditation, i receive no tug in one direction or the other, i will pick one, afterall god did give us free will. i feel that so long as we operate within the boundries of Gods word, that we are free to do quite a bit!!! its a great feeling to have freedom yet protection at the same time, much like well-crafted armour, very protective, (much likes Gods rules) yet at the same time encourages freedom of movement and adventure to explore our options as to His plan for our lives.

    What questions do you have regarding this topic?
    umm as far as questions go i guess i just need to learn how to listem better, though i really seriously feel God is leading me towards her, thats the only thing i can think of…

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