Does Your Gospel Require Additives?

This was too good not to post…also from An All-Round Ministry:

Some preachers evidently do not believe that the Lord is with their gospel, because, in order to attract and save sinners, their gospel is insufficient, and they have to add to it inventions of men. Plain gospel preaching must be supplemented, – so they they think. Bridget was very busy catching and killing flies. Her mistress said to her, “Bridget, what are you doing?” She answered, “You see, ma’am, we have bought some fly-papers, and we must have the flies caught on them; and as they don’t go on of themselves, I am sticking them on.” I should not care for fly-papers of that sort. If the gospel must be a failure unless we attract the people by some extraneous method, it is a poor business. If the fly-paper does not attract the flies, and hold them, we may as well burn the fly-paper. If your gospel cannot bring the people to hear you, and if, when they come, your gospel will not impress and convert them, well, then, give it up. Open a coffee-shop, or start in the ginger-beer line; but do not call your useless talk the blessed gospel. If you are not conscious of a supernatural power and presence with the Word of the Lord, let it alone. A man said to me, “You told a dead sinner to believe.” I pleaded guilty, but told him I would do it again. He said, “I could not do it, I should feel that it was of no use to do so.” I answered, “Possibly, it might be of no use for you to do it, for you have not the necessary faith; but, as I believe that God bids me do so, I deliver the message in the Name of the Lord, and the dead sinners believe and live.” I do not trust in the dead sinner’s power to live, but in the power of the gospel to make him live. Now, if your gospel has not the power of the Holy Ghost in it, you cannot preach it with confidence, and you are tempted to have a performance in teh schoolroom to allure the people, whom Christ crucified does not draw. If you are depending on sing-song, and fiddles, and semi-theatricals, you are disgracing the religion which you pretend to honour (pp. 388-389).


What do you think?

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