crApple Cup

On the one hand, I honestly could not care less about the game this year. Let’s just get it over with and look to next year when Coach Wulff and co. can start building their team. Feel bad for the fellas, but that’s the way it goes, I guess. At least we have the hoops team to help take some of the bad taste away.

On the other hand, beating the Huskies is better than losing to them even in a year like this. In fact, I could get behind seeing them going winless this year…that’d be almost worth watching.

My pick: Cougs 30, Huskies 24

Go Cougs!



  1. I hope you’re right! If there is a game that the Cougs could win this year, I would say it is this one – and besides, it’s the one that really counts anyway.

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