BBC Profile of Zambia




  1. The BBC profile on Zambia is so negative that you wonder as to whether there is a sinister motive behind it. Countries that have a lower GDP per capita ,for example, than Zambia seem to have been given a positive slant even by the choice of visual images. There is also misrepresentation and under reporting of the variety of media available in zambia . Multi-choice’s African sojourn, for example, began in Zambia in 13 long years ago. There are 9 provinces in Zambia and each one of them has one or more radio stations outside of govt control.

  2. Mbulawa…thank you for the information as well as the insight. I’m going to look over the BBC page again with what you said in mind. I’m really looking forward to my trip to Lusaka in April, which I hope will give me a much better perspective than the one I have right now.

    Are you from Zambia? I hope to have a couple days off…where would you recommend I visit?

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