Awesome-looking online tool. Comes with a series of video tutorials.




  1. I’m a few videos in already and I really like what I’ve seen and how well the tool seems to work. let’s make some time to meet and compare notes…it would at least help me sharpen in this area.

  2. I remember reading some notes from Dan Fuller (who taught Piper this method at Fuller Seminary). I never quite got it. I use a block diagram.

    Can’t want to get into this site a bit. Maybe it will help me see what I’ve been missing.

    Blessings to you my friend.

  3. I just got through the videos and just started working on some passages and man – this is brain-intensive work! But it’s really good for figuring out interpretations, and I’m really glad that I’m getting into it. Let me know if you want to compare arcs sometime – I can use as much practice & community involvement as I can get. I’m working on the latter half of 1 John 2 (and I’ll be moving on to the rest of the book) because I get to lead some Bible studies on it next quarter.

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