“Yea, what hath all the smart people wrought?”

Doug Wilson provides some helpful reflections on the current economic situation:

First, I wonder how much longer it will be before both presidential candidates realize that this is a complete game changer. To watch both sides in this thus far is like seeing the Martians land with their invading forces in the midst of one of our campaigns, and to have our presidential candidates staying on message anyway. “Affordable health care must remain a top priority.”

Second, I wonder how long and how far this will have to go before one or the other of these gentlemen decide that they actually don’t want to be president over this particular circumstance.

Third, this is all happening because God is not mocked. It is not possible to sow leveraged stupidity without reaping leveraged stupidity. And as we untangle what happened, it will no doubt become clear that this was not done by the Democrats all by themselves, and it was not done by the Republicans all by themselves. It was done by the Establishment . . . those folks that you ought not to be voting for in just a few weeks. Just look at the smoking ruin, and say to yourself, yea, what hath all the smart people wrought?

Fourth, as Christians wonder where invest in during these tumultuous times, the answer should be to return in repentance to the basics. Invest in God and in your neighbor. However little we have left when this is all said and done, we will have enough to share with folks (2 Cor. 9:8).


What do you think?

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