7 Tough Questions to Ask Your Friends

Here’s the summary. Read the whole post (by Stephen Altrogge) here.

  •  Have you been consistently pursuing the Lord through scripture reading and prayer?
  • Have you diligently pursued your wife/husband this week?
  • Have you seen any persistent patterns of sin in your life recently?
  • Last week you confessed struggling with [insert sin]. Have you taken steps to fight it this week?
  • When you gave into [insert sin], what were you believing about God in that moment? What were you believing about yourself?
  • What is the truth that you need to believe in this situation?
  • When you had the conflict with [insert person], what were you craving at that moment?


  1. Yeah you’re right, those are some tough questions to post. :/
    Though not a religious person, some of those I can apply to myself so there must be some logic. 🙂

  2. These are tough questions. I mean, not really. But when you ask a friend, or worse, yourself these questions, it really hits home. You know? But these are definitely the kinds of questions I need to be asking myself and my friends consistently. Thanks!


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