Tony Reinke and the Puritans

I was first made aware of Tony Reinke’s excellent blog (The Shepherd’s Scrapbook) after he had posted some kind words about Graphe (which, by the way, has been shrunk down so that it should download a bit easier now). Tony shares with me a healthy appreciation for our Puritan forebears. In the past couple months, he’s taken on two fascinating projects. The first (parts 1, 2, 3) is his attempt to show how to recreate Jonathan Edwards’ Blank Bible.

His second project – which is still ongoing at this date – is an extended ten-part study on how to apply the wisdom of the Puritans to our study of Scriptures and preparation of sermons. Here are the links to what’s available so far:

  1. The Delights and Pains of a Puritan Study
  2. The Rules of a Puritan Library
  3. The People of a Puritan Library
  4. Why Our Effective Use of the Puritans Begins with Our Bibles
  5. Print Book Searches
  6. Electronic Book Searches
  7. Using the Christian Classics Ethereal Library
  8. To Quote or Not to Quote
  9. The Strategy of Building a Puritan Library
  10. Concluding Thoughts, part 1
  11. Concluding Thoughts, part 2

I’ll be updating this list as they come available. Enjoy!

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