Martin Luther – Qualities of a Good Preacher

It’s Two-fer Tuesday, so I’ll give you a couple different quotes:

    A good preacher should have these properties and virtues; first, to teach systematically; secondly, he should have a ready wit; thirdly, he should be eloquent; fourthly, he should have a good voice; fifthly, a good memory; sixthly, he should know where to make an end; seventhly, he should be sure of his doctrine; eighthly, he should venture and engage body and blood, wealth and honour, in the word; ninthly, he should suffer himself to be mocked and jeered of every one.

    He should not be silent or mumble but should testify without being frightened or bashful. He should speak out candidly without regarding or sparing anyone, let it strike whomever or whatever it will. It is a great hindrance to a preacher if he looks around and worries about what people like or do not like to hear, or what might make him unpopular or bring harm or danger upon him. As he stands high on a mountain in a public place and looks around freely, so he should also speak freely and fear no one, though he sees many kinds of people and faces. He should not hold a leaf in front of his mouth.



  1. I just listened to that quoted by Gregg Heinnch in the Florida Bootcamp MP3s from last year. Awesome quote and awesome talk, you should listen to it.

  2. There is no need to hurt anyone in being candid or honest. If one has a heart for the listener, it will show in the form of a caring tone of voice. The love of God will be felt. A preacher’s job is just to reveal the information with a great deal of persuasion. Persuasion sometimes involve logic, sometimes pure emotion, sometimes an aura of authority based preferably on deep and sound knowledge of God and His Word.

    The rest is up to the listener to decide what he wants to do. No need to scold the congregation as some small neighbourhood churches are apt to do.

  3. Further, it is honestly of cardinal importance for a preacher to mingle often and spend time with the common people so that he better apprehends their needs. Say if the majority in a congregation are farmers and say of late there has been a drought, it would be insensible to preach on a message of Mary and Martha when it would be more beneficial for the members to hear how Joseph and Daniel had persevered to find their true place in life. But on another note, I just cannot fathom why so many preachers who have undergone formal religious education including a course in homiletics cannot really bring a message across with any degree of effectiveness. Can the art of preaching therefore really be taught? Yes and no, I suppose. Perhaps one clue to better preaching is to ask oneself what one likes about a preacher he is impressed with. (But it would of course be inane if the preacher likes the miraculous powers which the preacher has manifested.)

  4. These quotations were great. But in reality of pastoral ministry, it’s more than hard to preach when you know that your listeners were sinning. You don’t want to offend them, but you want them to hear God’s message.

    Sigh… How I wish members were more open minded for corrections.

    But yes, I do agree, we need to preach the Word, no matter what and no one should hinder that since it comes from God.

  5. Being a servant of God is not easy decision if you are to make in life. If you want to be a good preacher, you should first of all be someone who knows bible so much because in what so ever you speak out of your mouth, you should be able to lobe your word with the word from the bible and more so it makes it easy for you to make comparison from the words in the bible and the words coming out of your mouth.

    Secondly, you should preach to the people of God without segregating that this person is from the royal family or he is from a person from a poor family but what we know all of us are children of the royal priesthood and we are a chosen generation more so a special people to God. Be focus and face all the fears in your heart.

    Thirdly, you should be able to express your self with enough stories and to make your words coordinated with what is in the bible. Above all it makes you not to make the church to be bored.

    All in all, we should be able to manifest the presence of God in all what we do to bring people back to God.

  6. I think a good preacher is the one who practices what he talks on the pulpit, of course the stories about oneself are a plus together with some humour

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